Jenny Colquitt
19. January 2023 By Walter Price 0

…not scared at all, JENNY COLQUITT I’m Just Lost

Jenny Colquitt, I’m Just Lost [Lost Animals EP 17. February.2023] Bandcamp, Apple Music, Deezer

Jenny Colquitt
Jenny Colquitt

by Walter Price

There’s a special place in one’s soul for a powerful, vast piano ballad, such as the recent single “I’m Just Lost” by singer-songwriter Jenny Colquitt. From her forthcoming “Lost Animals” EP, the acclaimed songwriter posted on Twitter [4.November.2022] about her latest solo release, “Being lost isn’t always as scary as it sounds, embrace being off path at times and tackle what comes your way. Breathe and take in the scenery.”

Quite the palpable sentiment if you look at it from just about any trying stage one is navigating. But in the zeitgeist, coming out of a pandemic, the topsy-turvy world of politics, and varying injustices populating the evening news and social media—one could feel even more like an island in an ever-increasing sea, it’s what you do in the midst of that perceived isolation that can make all the difference. And, if you’re so inclined—here’s a soul-stirring and meticulously crafted new song by a powerhouse vocalist/songwriter to soundtrack your next foot forward. (You’ll want to turn it up)

You can stream “I’m Just Lost”, here at the GTC.


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LOST ANIMALS EP: Written by Jenny Colquitt
Produced by David Gorst, Alibi Productions

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Named as one of RnR Magazines ‘Ones to watch for 2022’, emerging artist Jenny Colquitt encompasses a unique combination of Americana, indie and folk rock and pop. Winner of the 2021/2022 FATEA ‘Female Artist of the Year’ award and the 2020/2021 GSMC Award for best female solo singer/songwriter, Jenny’s music is described as fit for film and storytelling at its finest. A voice that uniquely combines the melodic undertones of artists such as Eva Cassidy and the rawness of Alanis Morissette. She writes with soul, lyrical vulnerability, and style to accompany her musicality both through keys and guitar. Jenny is the lead singer/songwriter of Americana Rock band ELY, another emerging act on the British music scene.” – bio

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