Nina & the Hot Spots
29. July 2021 By Walter Price 0


Nina & the Hot Spots – Monkey Business is available at Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer.

Nina & the Hot Spots

by Walter Price

German swingers Nina & the Hot Spots’ recent 13-track LP ‘Monkey Business’ is all aces. Chockfull of throwback swing, jazz, bop and hints of rockabilly, and even a cat’s meow or two for good measure. And this outfit’s ode to the pre-rock romps that once filled smokey lounges and dancehalls worldwide, is as stylish as it is a real rug cutting hoot.

In a press blurb, the little big band’s backstory is briefly explained, “Nina & the Hot Spots have existed since 2012 and come from southwest Germany. The line-up, consisting of singer, saxophone, guitar, double bass, and drums, has a decisive influence on the sound of this compact “little big band”, which rocks at least as much as a large orchestra. In this way, they transform every location into a boiling and steaming dance palace. You can hear and see the hot spots that they not only celebrate their music but also live it through and through.”

You can stream the delicious “Monkey Business” as well as see the music video for the opening track “Hot Spot Boogie”, now at the GTC. And it’s certainly clear that this band should be experienced live. So, when you can, find ’em in a swingin’ joint toot sweet!


Band photo by Felix Groteloh Photowork

Christian Dietkron – guitar, backing vocals
Nina Salhab – lead vocals, blues harp
Sebastian König – drums, backing vocals
Thias Salhab – double bass, backing vocals
Uwe Pickardt – Sax

Recorded at Groovebox Studio Germany
Recorded, Engineered & Mixed by Thias Salhab
Mastered by Alex Gordon at Abbey Road Studios, London

Nina & the Hot Spots

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The first long-player from “Nina & the Hot Spots” impressively documents the stylistic playground on which the Freiburg quintet feels most comfortable: from swing to rockabilly to jump blues and jazz, all the stops are confidently pulled out that these branches of rock’n ‘Make up the roll.” – bio

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