Ten Benson Snowman Snowgirl
21. December 2016 By Walter Price 0

GTC Holiday Classic: Ten Benson “Snowman Snowgirl” Redux for Christmas Single

Ten Benson “Snowman Snowgirl” Redux.

Ten Benson

“Make sure the lights are low, but the fairy lights are on. Repeat as necessary. Happy holidays from Ten Benson!*

by Walter Price


UK’s brilliant in sludge rockers Ten Benson have been rejuvenated of late after an extended dormant period. To keep the cogs greased the band have announced a new to you holiday single *Snowman Snowgirl*. Which in my recollection is the band’s first full tilt seasonal track unless you consider “Black Snow” which released a dozen+ years ago or so, which is certainly feasible in any rocknroller’s train of thought since this ‘new’ track was originally the B-Side to that little known classic.

The track is a love song at its core exploring keeping love solid whatever time and conditions you have together with pure hard edged and cold evenings snuggle inducing harmonies mostly stimulated by bassists and backing vocalist Mush (her God given name).  You’ll find a snippet down below but don’t be a cheap bastard,  spend the coin and buy the track.

The track is out NOW via iTunes HERE.

Man of merriment and band frontman Chris Teckkam told me this in conversation, *Wait till sometime over the festive period, pop the song on your player of choice, then uncork a bottle of something unstylish like maybe a medium dry sherry, and have a small drink. Then, after trying to crack walnuts with your bare hands, throw them down in disgust at your own feebleness, and instead dance around the room in your socks, preferably with a partner, if you happen to have one. Sing along if you feel like it. Oh, and make sure the lights are low, but the fairy lights are on. Repeat as necessary. Happy Holidays from Ten Benson!*


Well said Chris and Happy Holidays back at ya…


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