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13. June 2015 By Walter Price 0

GTC Has Track Picks: Rock And Roll Edition

You want the best and we have this week’s best…vintage trouble music

In celebration or recognition of Maria Haskins Real Rock And Roll launching their new Facebook page (see it HERE) we travel the growing catalog of stellar Rock n’ Roll she’s been featuring on Track Of The Day.

So here is the best of the best from Gasoline Outlaws, Girlschool, Delta Rose, Well Hung Heart, Vintage Trouble and GIRLSCHOOL! Het på gröten!


We do the digging so you can just dig!


Vintage Trouble – “Run Like The River”

Vintage Trouble is one of those bands that just does not put a foot wrong, as far as I’m concerned. Ever since I first heard their music a couple of years ago, each track from these guys has just reinforced my love for their music. The band is originally from Los Angeles, and is made up of Ty Taylor on vocals, Nalle Colt on guitar, Rick Barrio Dill on bass, and Richard Danielson on drums.

vintage trouble new albumAs described on their Facebook page, the band plays “rhythm & blues, soul, rock, blues”, and they do with the kind of honest skill and complete dedication that feels old-school, while also bringing a completely new energy and vibe to every track at the same time. Their debut album The Bomb Shelter Sessions is a flat-out fantastic release, and they now have a brand new album – 1 Hopeful Road – set to be released August 14, 2015 on Blue Note Records.

Vintage Trouble is just finishing up their tour with AC/DC in Europe, and have more tour-dates coming up after that. Check out the band’s website for details. 1 Hopeful Road can be pre-ordered in certain parts of the world right now on iTunes.


Gasoline Outlaws – “Nothing On Me”

k band Gasoline Outlaws is a “Big Riffin’, Heavy Hittin’, Bass Thumpin’, Huge Set of Lungs machine”, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The band formed in 2014, and their debut album No Rules, No Laws, No Regrets is set for release June 22nd. Judging by this track, it’s going to be one heck of a riff-heavy, hard-rocking release, and I will be keeping my ears open for that!

The band is a four-piece, made up of Matt Fitzsimons on vocals, Adam Parkin on guitar, Chris Fitzsimons on bass, and Adam Callaghan on drums. More news from Gasoline Outlaws:

The band play a show at The Diamond Rock Club in Northern Ireland on 20th June to celebrate the release of the album, No Rules, No Laws, No Regrets.

In September the band travel to the UK as one of the finalists at Highway to Hell in Sheffield, aiming to secure a prestigious slot at either Hammerfest or Hard Rock Hell Festivals.


Well Hung Heart – “Throw It All Away”

When Maria Haskins reviewed “PunkBlues GarageRock ProtoPunk”-band Well Hung Heart’s album Go Forth And Multiply last year, she wrote:

Every now and then you come across a band that manages to be both truly offbeat and absolutely captivating – making the kind of music that challenges your eardrums while simultaneously causing an almost inexplicably strong craving to hear more. That is the case with Well Hung Heart.

And now there is more: the band has just released the video for this brand new track, taken from their brand new, self-titled EP. The EP is out right now, but only available at live shows: the official release date is September 1st!

Well Hung Heart has also announced a string of European tour-dates this summer: check out all the details on the band’s website!


Delta Rose – “One Is Too Many”

Delta Rose released an excellent EP recently called Golden, and really impressed Maria with their confidence and bold sound. To quote her review:

The music is full-blooded rock’n’roll with a shot of blues, sizzling with influences from the 1970s and 1980s.

The band are fresh off a tour with Diamond Lane, and Rocklahoma: check out this track, and their EP: this is definitely a rock’n’roll crew worth paying attention to!


Girlschool – “C’mon Lets Go”

This track by hard rock veterans Girlschool is an oldie, a goodie, and a bit of a rarity. To quote the YouTube info:

This is the actual music video for the track ‘C’mon Lets Go’ by Girlschool. Not many people knew this music video even existed, it seems to have only aired on MTV2, it’s very rare. And no this is not live, it’s the actual promotional video. This is one of those extreme rarities that was locked and hidden away.

Girlschool started out as a band in the 1978, had a string of successful albums and singles, toured with Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Rush, Iron Maiden, Scorpions tour, Deep Purple, Rainbow and Blue Oyster Cult. 2015 marks the 37th anniversary of Girlschool, and right now they’re touring North America with Crucified Barbara.

A new album is also in the works, and if you’re going to one of their shows (I’ll be at the show in Vancouver!), you can pick up a copy of Girlschool’s limited edition EP.

Maria Haskins’ Real Rock And Roll: Website / Twitter / Facebook