George Alice
9. November 2021 By Walter Price 0

…It’s keeping me guessing, GEORGE ALICE – Mid Years

George Alice – Mid Years is available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify.

George Alice

by Walter Price

The recent coming-of-age single, “Mid Years”, from Adelaide’s multi-faceted pop-star-on-the-rise, George Alice, is chock-full of delicious indie-pop production (cheers, Gab Strum) that’ll make fans Eilish, Sidewinder, and Del Rey twist in their fandom glee.

But, the real power behind this track’s nocturnal bounce is the messaging. Something big is brewing in the storyteller’s life. Of course, the prerequisite angst, self-doubt, and oblivious parent(s) are all here. But did you catch that something big and mysterious is being anticipated? A moment in time that will change everything for the song’s heroine?

Creeping up I’m paralyzed
Don’t know where to fall
It’s keeping me guessing
Parked outside my house
And staring at my steering wheel
The answers that I circled
Gonna be the big reveal
In the bathroom
Just give me a minute
I’ll be out soon
I tried to call
The lines are down
Long walk home
Chucks hit the ground
But it’s the end
Tried my best

Oh my, what could it be…What sort of heavy revelation is causing so much hesitation? I guess, like any well-written song, you’ll have to listen on repeat until it fits into your lived narrative. Becoming an adult is full of dizzying triumphs and missteps and navigating and coming to terms with any of it successfully isn’t all that possible and “Mid Years” captures a slice of this human experience. And the fact that it’s all wrapped in a dancefloor-ready groove doesn’t hurt either.

The accompanying music video is described by co-directors Jack Bielby & Thomas Schaefer, in a YouTube post, as, “Taking inspiration from UK street and club-style, we wanted this video to feel like a lonely night out, and one that goes on forever. Of particular interest was incorporating elements of blurry motion and selfie photography, letting George personally tell her story through this video.“

Stream the single and see its through-the-night-styled music video, now at the GTC.


Artist photo via YouTube/Vevo

Written by George Alice, Alex Lahey, and Gab Strum
Produced by Gab Strum

Video, Director/DP: Jack Bielby / Thomas Schaefer
Production Design: Christina Massolino

George Alice

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George Alice started playing guitar before she could write her own name. Yeah, it’s serious. She found the perfect teacher in her dad, and she credits him with providing her with an eclectic taste that ranges from her Dad’s love of Brit Pop to her first love of Country. Ever since, Alice has been constantly challenging herself to learn new instruments, including the banjo, Koto piano, etc.” – Bandcamp bio

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