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13. October 2020 By Walter Price 0

2 x FRONT COUNTRY – The Reckoning / Broken Record

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front country

by Walter Price

Nashville-based trio Front Country are nothing singular. Parts pop, roots, and funky, this outfit is impressively hard to pigeonhole. As their latest two single can attest to. While “The Reckoning” is a mandolin and harmony-driven folk stunner, “Broken Record”, dedicated to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is a groove-heavy 1980s styled jam.

Speaking about the powerful message behind “The Reckoning“, vocalist Melody Walker is quoted, “The current political moment has been defined by conflict and polarization but also genuine shifts in collective consciousness and commitment to do better. I have personally done more work in the past few years than at any time in my life in unpacking my own complicity in systems of oppression, and I have seen the same work from others, which feels like the one good thing to come out of all of this.”

And the single “Broken Record” is as much a song about modern-day social justice as it is a call to get out in vote. A contrast to this band’s bluegrass heritage, this one is an inspired upbeat jam. In a quote borrowed from Wonderland Magazine, the band has stated, “Broken Record is both a pop song and a protest song. It is about not being heard – either in the halls of power or in a relationship – but nevertheless, speaking up again and again until you are finally understood. There is so little communication making it across the divide these days but listening is the beginning of empathy, and when it comes to human rights none of us should stay silent.”

Front Country are catching much-deserved attention as their forthcoming album, ‘Impossible World’ due October 30th [AntiFragile Music], is poised to be their breakout. And you can stream both singles now at the GTC.


The Reckoning + Broken Record

Band photo by Kaitlyn Raitz

Melody Walker
Adam Roszkiewicz
Jacob Groopman

The Reckoning video by Melody Walker w/ Vitra Larastiana

Broken Record video by Melody Walker

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Front Country is a band on the precipice of a metamorphosis. As multi-instrumentalists, songwriters, and composers, the instrumentation and setting have always been secondary to the musical vision that comes through no matter what stage they take. For a band with a genre in their name, genre has always been elusive for Front Country, as they refuse to pick sides or be constrained by any expectations outside their own singular aesthetic. From their beginnings in the SF Bay Area to their new hometown of Nashville, TN, Melody Walker, Adam Roszkiewicz and Jacob Groopman have been on a journey to discover a sound. While making their third album, their first in Music City, they feel closer than ever to what fans have heard in them all along. SLC Weekly called it “Rugged Americana and Purposeful Pop”, and that seems as close as anything to describe the Front Country sound. To them, their namesake is about pushing the envelope, but never losing sight of their roots.” – bio

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