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Friday Edition: Things You Can Buy Today 27 June 2014

Howdy Ya’ll and welcome to a special Friday edition of things you best scrape up some coinage and slide on down to your local record shop and purchase up. Dig It. 
Sounds from a band looking back as they continue to progress forwards, The Redheaded Stranger isn’t in danger of losing his King of the Outlaw Troubadours and a alt-rock band from York that will surprise you with their affectionate verses, kind hearts and familiar but all their own sounds. 
Hey, what we waitin’ for, lets begin to dig into what we’re listening to this weekend and thoughts from around the web…(click the album titles for more infos)
The Walkabouts – ‘Devil’s Road‘ (1996), ‘Nighttown‘ (1997) and then ‘The Virgin Years Box-Set(Glitterhouse)
Let us not park on the wrong part of the conversation, these three releases from the perpetually original The Walkabouts aren’t about remastering to fit new formats or to squeeze coins from diehard fans but instead to highlight two innovative albums with a bit of the ole rarities, demos, gussied-up artwork and the neat whatnots any music lover would like to add to their sweet collection and then a cool and limited Box-Set full of right-ons that will send you over the moon, if you can get your hand on one. 
Just the other day founding Walkabouts member Chris Eckman shared this thought with us, “For the most part I don’t think we are really “looking back” sorts of people. So it is hard for us to get our heads around the idea that we might even have a legacy to preserve. I think we look at these re-issues in the simplest way possible. The albums haven’t been available for a few years and this is our chance to rectify that. The value beyond that is for others to determine.”
And determine we shall. Win. Hop over to Glitterhouse Records and see if you can score yourself all three packages. Then if you want to thoroughly enjoy yourself even more, please take some time and check out our 25 Things About The Walkabouts.
Willie Nelson – ‘Band Of Brothers(Sony/Legacy)
Can you grasp that this son of the Great Depression, who wrote his first song at age 7, is back on top of the US music charts and causing sonic ripples with a brand new album. Not bad for this 81 year old outlaw. 
Band Of Brothers find Willie behind the pen, mostly, in a true show of what this man can do. Sweet Lord he hasn’t wavered an ounce since, well, ever. GTC contributor J.P. Kallio recently wrote,”This album is nothing short of a masterpiece and far from showing any signs of the man “slowing down”. In the albums opening track Bring It On, he sings out “Bring it on, just another storm in the sea” Like he was ready for the doubters who would try to say it was a time to hang up the guitar and take it easy. Willie comes across as one of those characters who just could not imagine calling it a day. He is a road warrior in the truest sense of the word. Guitar In The Corner to me is a song for the one and only guitar “Trigger” (a Martin M-20) that Willie has played and plays beautifully throughout this album. The album’s first single The Wall, tells the story of his writing block, and how he got over it. Even though the songwriter in Willie is obviously on full swing again, he also is good at picking other artists’ songs to complete the album. Tracks like Whenever You Come Around, The Git Go (which also feature Jamey Johnson) Hard To Be An Outlaw, Crazy Like Me and The Songwriter shows how Willie can take a song and make it his own. Wives And Girlfriends and I Thought I Left You shows the man has not lost his wit and sense of humor. My personal favourites are The Git Go, Hard To Be An Outlaw and The Songwriters.
And Will Hermes wrote in Rolling Stone, “A minute into Willie Nelson’s new set of songs – largely self-penned for a change – it’s clear the man who wrote Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” 50-some years ago has lost neither verve nor cojones.”
Band of Brothers certainly and defiantly proves Willie Nelson isn’t ready for you to Roll Him Up And Smoke Him anytime soon. Bring It On Willie! 

Ten-79 – ‘Love, Life & Lies

From a pub in Athens, Georgia, wait a minute…From York, England comes a killer band of seemingly down to Earth players, Ten-79, offering up their debut full-length Love, Life & Lies. An album that finds Gary Luckhurst, Jim Cadwallender, Wally Youngman and Brian Hartington modernizing the sounds reminiscent of the Athens, GA or any college town’s house-party and club scenes that ultimately created the indie music culture of the 80’s/early 90’s. R.E.M. and Pylon’s love child perhaps with a dusting of Widespread Panic and they rock that heritage with plenty of barroom gusto and loads of heart. This is a band that truly shines in their minimal imperfections. Take a listen to Luckhurst’s voice and you’ll see our point…
The band shared with us,”The album has a song for every mood, it is predominantly an album with large doses of indie rock and and an undertone of folk. With us all having  varied musical tastes, we believe we have come out with an original foot tapping beauty.” and continued “With the days spent in the studio, we wanted to be all rock and roll and drink beer, to be honest we drank tea and coffee all day and saved the beer till we finished.”

Well, guys, we couldn’t have gone that long without God’s frosty gift but whatever you had to do, it worked! Cheers! 

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What are you checking out this weekend?