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19. April 2016 By Walter Price 0

VIDEO: Faz Waltz Good Time is Callin’ Loud

faz waltz musicCrazy good time is callin’ loud… and louder…

by Walter Price


Faz Waltz is well known for their masterful modern blend of garage and glam rock and if their new single “Good Time Is Callin’ Loud” is any indication, the band is back and better than ever. Their new single is the lead track from the forthcoming album Callin’ Loud (Contra Records (GER)/ Longshot Music U.S.A.) due out 29th of April.  The track is a raucous call to arms of sorts for all those rebellious good times we all live for. Dig it!

Director Marcello Perego, who’s worked with the band before, has conceived from Faz La Rocca’s story-line  one of the most creative music videos to come out in some time. As you’ll see the band plays the killer new rock track in an old school bus setting up your youthful senses for the intertwined retro clips of decades past fads and lifestyles. Faz Waltz has always utilized a nostalgic feel when it comes to their sounds and visuals but they may have bested themselves with this new one.

One question, Is Faz Waltz dead?

Bravo Faz Waltz and Bravo Marcello Perego….



Faz La Rocca :vocals,guitar,piano
Diego Angelini: bass
Marco Galimberti : drums


Director: Marcello Perego
Subject by Faz La Rocca
Milkit FIlm @2016



Band Links: Facebook / Website / Reverbnation / Twitter


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