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…figure me out, SINGLE: EVEY – Nothing

Evey – Nothing is available at Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify.

by Walter Price

Self-confidence isn’t an easy journey to navigate. Body issues, social awkwardness, those not too helpful inner dialogues, and the lack of trust all play their parts in making one want to recoil into the recesses of the shadows. Until that hero on a brave white horse suddenly appears to save the day. But, that never really happens, so finding a way to muster the courage and the strength to pull yourself out of the mental anguish of it all, is, well, empowering.

And the debut single, “Nothing”, from Copenhagen pop star in the making Evey is a retro-styled pop song with a sturdy message for anyone striving to be ‘figured out’…

I don’t like my body
I only tell the voices how I feel (ah)
But I’m getting tired of them pretending they know who I am
I wanna get out of my head

But in the night I just can’t hide
And the walls are moving closer
A peace of mind is hard to find
When I’m pulling me deeper
Pulling me deeper

I’m the lost and found (Still lost and found, still lost and found)
I’m not safe and sound (Still lost and found)
I need something
I need someone
To figure me out
But I have nothing
No, I have nothing (I don’t have nothing at all)

The accompanying video, co-directed by Evey and Kasper Leegaard, beautifully depicts the ever-changing emotions one realizes while figuring it all out. The despair of feeling alone, the fighter, searching for an image and then the letting it go dancer in the mirror. These images adding to the deep-rooted and personal lyrics bring the all too relatable message into focus and it’s certainly worth sharing.

If you’re a fan of the vibes of Laura Branigan, the songwriting of Alanis Morissette, and the confidence of Gloria Gaynor, then add “Nothing” to your favorite I-will-survive playlist. And you can stream this new I-can-do-it anthem and see its film, now at the GTC.

EVEY – Nothing

Article cover photo via Facebook

Video filmed by Kasper Leegaard
Directed by Kasper Leegaard and me
Thanks to 100blaa for helping to create the video
Thanks to Joe’s Boxing Gym for letting us use their gym


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Evey is a young singer-songwriter from Copenhagen. Growing up in a musical home she’s been surrounded by artists, record producers, and songwriters for as long as she can remember. Her songs are influenced by her love for 90’s alternative pop-rock.” – fb bio