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4. March 2016 By Walter Price 0

Evan Egerer has it covered

evan egerer musicI try to picture the old blues men in Chicago back in the day playing a rough bar, or Robert Plant singing in a smoky room. It always takes me in the right direction.” – Egerer 

by Walter Price


Evan Egerer is one of those artists you can’t not enjoy. He has that sprawling and distinct bluesy tone meets pop-sensibilities to his original music. The guy who stays honest, no  hiding his family, faith and sharing his dreams with a growing community of followers. And with that ever present ear to ear grin that invites you in.

I’ve written about Mr. Egerer on several occasions, even talking not long ago about his cover of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”. I know this songwriter (or I suppose I know) utilizes and studies a wide range of artists to stretch and firm-up his own sound. This is cool, better than acts who pretend they invented rock n roll. But I’m not speaking about Jack White or Pete Doherty here, I’m trying toi introduce three particularly cool covers Evan Egerer has posted to his social media outlets that I know you’ll dig.

So let’s do it…


Evan Egerer: Facebook / YouTube

foto by TriCity Photographer/EverMore Photography

The Lumineers – Ho Hey


Foo Fighters – Everlong


Delta Rae – Dance in the Graveyards



Evan Egerer – Sinner  (NPR Tiny Desk Contest Submission)