Eoin Dolan
15. September 2016 By Walter Price 0

Eoin Dolan Dear Brian

Eoin DolanEoin Dolan new single “Dear Brian”   by Walter Price   On September 22 Irish Surf-pop purveyor Eoin Dolan is set to release a new self-titled album (in association with Citóg Records).and the songwriter has released the first single “Dear Brian”. As with his previous tracks Dolan uses his brilliantly deceiving delivery to tell a tale of those times in life when one may become disillusioned with the dreams not realized, getting hung-up on ‘what nows’. A tale of it’s never too late. Dolan explained the track to me in detail, saying, “The song itself is about people who have aspirations to be something or someone i.e an artist, musician, football player etc. but never see out their dream or passion. As they grow older they become more bitter and deluded with the world around them. Unfullfillment and sadness stalks them right throughout their life. But these feelings are entirely generated from within. The fear of actually creating something and leaving themselves vulnerable paralyzes them into doing nothing.
“The song is both a plea and words of comfort to those who might be going down that path. I’m talking to myself too i.e Wake up! Don’t fool yourself all your life. Be the person you truly want to be.”
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