Elsie and Mayhem
8. February 2021 By Walter Price 0

…so this is love, ELSIE and MAYHEM – Cherry Bomb

Elsie and Mayhem – Cherry Bomb is available at SoundCloud, Apple Music.

Elsie and Mayhem

by Walter Price

The year 2020 had delivered plenty of angst, upheaval, and division but it also has brought forth the not oft spoke about reconnections. And a fine example is the resurrection of a marriage that will be chronicled on Elsie and Mayhem’s forthcoming LP, ‘It’s Only Rock And Roll Dust‘. As vocalist Emelie Black reflects, “We’ve been together for almost 20 years, and we were at a place where most couples would have said f-it. But we found we were willing to work on songs together and that meant we were willing to work on us. What we couldn’t talk about overtly, we communicated to each other with lyrics,”.

To entice fans, the Portland duo [Elsie Black/General Mayhem] has released a dreamy new single, “Cherry Bomb”, that holds nothing back with its honest and tactile lyrics. Truths that must have been uncomfortable to write but one could assume that these words were healing just the same…

How the hell did I get here!?
Why the hell don’t you care!?
I’m lying beside you But nobody’s there.

Set to a post-punk shoegaze arrangement that cradles Black’s commanding whispery vocal, this single is a cinematic look into a couple on the verge of destruction. And it’s a mesmerizing taste-test for things to come with the full-length album. And you can stream this harsh reality single and watch its lyric video, now at the GTC.

The ‘It’s Only Rock And Roll Dust‘ LP is expected April 2, 2021.



Band photo/quotes courtesy of Public Display PR

Written, recorded, produced, and performed by Elsie & Mayhem [Elsie Black (Emily Alexander) / General Mayhem (Carl Hind)]

With Dano Capristo on drums

Elsie and Mayhem

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February could have resulted in a divorce for us. I found myself writing lyrics for her to sing, and those words helped me to understand better what she was going through—those were my aha moments.” – General Mayhem

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