Ellie Irwin
15. February 2021 By Walter Price 0

…songs for your party, ELLIE IRWIN – Jameson (Grow Up)

Ellie Irwin – Jameson (Grow Up) is available at Apple Music, SoundCloud, Spotify.

Ellie Irwin

by Walter Price

There’s a point in your life when you take a look around and realize that what’s going on around you isn’t going to nurture your goals. And the new single from Pittsburgh singer-songwriter Ellie Irwin is such an examination. As the emerging star sees her friends/peers yucking it up with booze and youthful shenanigans, she has decided to focus on her future self.

I don’t care if you go out with your friends
You can drown yourselves in tragedies and your Jameson
But I think I’ll stay at home, catch up on 6 other friends

Cause while you’re having your fun with Bacardi
I’ll stay writing the songs for your party
Not sorry that you think I’m not enough

Irwin’s ukulele adds a bit of breezy whimsey to the life-affirming lyrics and altogether this is a pop song begging for to soundtrack a Netflix come-of-age flick. The premise is already set-up if you take in the scene laid out in this quote from the songwriter, “I’m surrounded by teenagers, and my songs are all pretty much a testimony to that. They are me trying to figure out life and the emotional rollercoaster it sometimes is as a young person in this world. Jameson (Grow Up)“.

And you can stream the “Jameson (Grow Up)” as well as Ellie Irwin’s Top Spotify singles, now at the GTC. And make sure you add this one to your favorite going-your-own-way playlist!


Artist photo/quotes courtesy of Public Display PR

Ellie Irwin – songwriter
Luke Wood – guitar
Bob McCutcheon – producer

Ellie Irwin

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These songs have helped me reconnect with who I am, and they’ve also helped me realize I don’t need to depend on others for my self-worth. I’m the same person since writing them, but I’ve evolved. I hope my growing pains here can enlighten and comfort others.” – E. Irwin

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