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23. March 2018 By Walter Price 0

Legit Sounds Three: The Electric Alley – “Get Electrified!” (single)

Electric Alley are available on iTunes. The Electric alley by Walter Price   In part three of our Legit Sounds series, we’ll be checking out the true-to-the-bone Rock ‘N’ Roll of Spain’s The Electric Alley. This series is focusing on artists who utilize the sounds and genres that came before them and with respect and understanding create honest music for the now.  You can read more about it here. The Electric Alley, (A GTC Top Pick), released one of the most attractive rock albums, Get Electrified!, back in 2015. A stunning and blistering rock extravaganza that rides the waves of fabled classic rock. Thunderous blues riffs, heavy rhythms, and a vocalist that could have been rockin’ your speakers anytime between the late sixties strait through to the late 80’s and beyond. All done in pure and honest approaches to creating real rock. No gimmicks, no false machismo, and no silly hipster cuteness. You can’t fake swagger. To get a grip on what I’m laying down, the title track from this album is a perfect example of how a band can pay homage to genres that came before them and turn those honored sounds into realistic and honest music you can sink your teeth into. You can’t fake authenticity.  


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