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6. December 2020 By Walter Price 0

MOST READ GTC REVIEW of 2020, “…we carry on with our lives unaware” SINGLE: DUTCH FALCONI – Carnival of Souls

Dutch Falconi – Carnival of Souls is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music.

Dutch Falconi

by Walter Price

Parts macabre, whimsical, shadowy, and certainly intricate, the new single, “Carnival of Souls”, from West Coast Swing luminary Dutch Falconi is a wordless story about ‘the cycle of souls‘. A synonym for this composer’s version of the journeys and complexities of life. Falconi explains in a Bandcamp post, “Carnival of Souls” depicts the enduring cycle of souls as part of a grand traveling circus, one complete with joy, sorrow, love, mistakes, celebration, and imminent catastrophe. As spectacle on both a large and miniature scale, we carry on with our lives unaware we are like brightly colored fish in a vast cosmic Koi pond.”

Intriguing and off-kilter, this track goes against the grain of the conventional indie offerings of the day. And this composition is as beautiful as it is captivatingly unsettling. With every new listen, a new unexpected sound creeps into the story-line to renew your attention. And it appears that with his return, Falconi has bested himself.

“Carnival of Souls” is from the forthcoming LP, ‘Bloom & Brimstone’, due on January 29, 2021.


Artist photo courtesy of Public Display PR

Performed and produced by Dutch Falconi. Recorded and mixed at Studio Jägerhalle in 2018-2020.

Digital Mastering by Erman Aydöner at EA Masters, Istanbul, Turkey

Dutch Falconi

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Existence is a beautiful, terrible, joyous, purposeful accident that replays in infinite recursive variation. I think ‘Carnival Of Souls’ illustrates just that.” – D. Falconi

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