8. August 2013 By Walter Price 0

DMC Unleashed

You may not care much about the Hip-Hop scene but RUN-DMC are one of the coolest pioneers of the genre. And in the past few years Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels has been saying tons of cool things in the media. But this week he outdid himself with some harsh words for today’s rappers. 

DMC spoke to Metro about the current state of Hip Hop saying:

‘Ninety-eight per cent of hip hop music that’s out now I say is just bad demos. Lil Wayne, Jay Z ain’t hot, it’s just they’re programmed so many times people are brainwashed.’


He goes on:

‘A rapper will use this excuse ‘ ‘man they don’t go after Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis when they make their violent movies’ and I go ‘if you’re going to use that excuse get off the mic, don’t produce’. ‘I’ll personally kick your ass out of hip hop cos if you’re using that excuse go be an actor.’


What else?

‘…modern hip hop appeals to stupid America’


Okay then, thanks Darryl….