new garage rock
22. March 2015 By Walter Price 0

Debut: DIANA RADAR – “Cubic Zirconia”

new garage rockby Walter Price


There is something in the air, something that carries the distinct scents of the glory days of garage Rock N’ Roll. The days when The Kinks took example from The Kingsmen who then inspired (in part) The Chocolate Watchband. And history continues to repeat the adding and subtracting.

This new gale force hails from Australia. The island nation that is already rich with music histories comes a new band of three (Rory, Matty & Will) who are new in the rock scene but aged in sounds. Tight production, gritty distortion and elements of Standells, Stooges, Stones and a nice dose modern indie rock to keep it progressive. They call themselves DIANA RADAR.

You’ll discover chilling is the Rock N’ Roll these players have brewed up.

Put your ears to the band’s debut single “Cubic Zirconia” from their debut EP (out 27 March). You’ll have to write the band if you want a copy. Do so.