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23. April 2020 By Walter Price 0

…got my bruises, VIDEO/SINGLE: DANIELLE DUVAL – Lose It [Christopher Mills, director]

Danielle Duval – Lose It is available at Bandcamp.

by Walter Price

Brilliant Toronto indie-popstar Danielle Duval’s recent single, “Lose It”, has a lot to sink your soul into. Sonically, you’ll find this track at the junction where post-punk, synth-wave and bouncy Katy Perry-esque choruses intertwine. And the song’s personal backstory has been explained by the songwriter, “Lose It is a cry for redemption in lost love, and the quest to get it back.“. For me, what it ultimately has is a lot of hope coursing through its veins. And these days, that’s a commodity we could all use a bit more of.

The accompanying martial arts inspired film, directed by Christopher Mills, is a visual masterclass. Hallucinatory in nature, the color palette, shading, and edits bring a near anime vibe and perhaps a little of a retro “Take On Me” thought as well. And as this music video has a lot to soak in and decipher, it’s well worth seeing a few times, just to be sure of yourself.

If you’re a fan of La Roux, Electric Youth and/or Oingo Boingo, then slide this into your feelgood summertime playlist.


Artists photo by Miz Monday // Make-Up + Style by Harpa María Guðmundsdóttir

Director/DOP – Christopher Mills
Editor – Christopher Mills
DD Style by Cry Baby INK
DD LOSE IT Rapper Styles by Anat Finkelstein
Wardrobe Supervisor – Anat Finkelstein
MUA – Anat Finkelstein

Words & Music by Danielle Duval
Produced by Gus Van Go, Werner F, & Danielle Duval
Additional Production by Sam Roberts
Vintage, Analogue Synths & Beats by Mark and Matt Thibideau
Drums by Christopher Berry

Danielle Duval

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Montreal-born/Toronto based bilingual indie rocker, of Egyptian-Lebanese-French-South African-Mauritian descent, Danielle Duval, is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer devoted to her own brand of melodic indie-rock that draws heavily from the quirky sounds of synth-pop and new wave.” – bio

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