Dan Auerbach
20. June 2017 By Walter Price 0

VIDEO: Dan Auerbach – Waiting On A Song

Dan Auerbach Waiting On A Song the album available on iTunes.

Dan Auerbach

by Walter Price


Surprises coming from a rock n roll artist you have admiration for seems more acceptable if that artist is ‘indie’. Major label performers aren’t normally encouraged to branch out and test and explore influences or genres. But then again,  Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney’s The Black Keys haven’t really been the stereotypical top-tier rock band.  Forging their own path and subsequently rising to the top of the charts and a major concert draw. All the while maintaining relationships with popular radio fans and indie admirers alike.

Dan Auerbach continues this tradition with his new solo album Waiting On A Song (Easy Eye Sound Records). Case in point is the title track, a surprise in sound and refreshing in the blend of old and new. Retro music styling can be irritating when done without the passion and/or understanding of the history. Auerbach is a noted music geek with a true affection for the artists and sounds that came before him and this new track is a testament. A little Buddy Holly, Sam Cook, Flying Burrito Brothers, and a whole lot of classic AM radio summertime peaceful easy feeling rock n roll.

The brilliant video, directed by Bryan Schlam, is a righteous coming of age storyline. The last day of high school, the last fireside blowout. A timeless tale of change. Youthful memory building moments that we can all relate too, regardless of the era. I just happened to grow up in the time period depicted in this clip, a clip that should find its way into a full-length film.



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Directed by Bryan Schlam.


Doug – Tony Vogel
Rachel O – Hayley Orrantia
Kevin – Peter Stringer-Hye
Todd – Alec O’Connell
Jim – Ryan Donoho
Stringer – Kevin Slattery
Rachel T. – Cassandra Paras

Liquor Store Patron – John Prine
Drug Dealer – David Ferguson
Dad – Michael Heeney
Laundromat Patron – Pat McLaughlin
Bouncer – Luke Dick

Older Woman – James Kicinski-Mccoy
Raceway Girls – Sam Maze – Maddie Gibbs
Horatio The Cook – Ben Carey
Dan – Dan Auerbach