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Clara Luzia: This Is Love In Times Of War

By C. Price


“We Are Fish” out now

Clara Luzia is a one-of-kind voice from Austria and listen to me when I say “she is good”, really. Clara will capture your attention while listening to the quieter tracks like ‘My Body Is A Diary (from 2006’s Railroad Tracks) and simply blow you away with louder offerings like “No One’s Watching” (from 2013‘s We Are Fish) and everything in between will keep you wanting more. You can defiantly relate to at least one or two songs,but you will find more, if it is about fear or drinking we have all been there. 

Even my husband was jamming to her tunes in the hot Texas sun and this is a true story. His choosing of Clara Luzia over Pantera on many work days must say something…

My first experience with the band Clara Luzia was at “haus der musik” in Vienna, I believe, in 2007 singing an incredible acoustic set. How rocky was the way up to where you are now?
I never think of it as rocky – of course it could have been easier but it could as well have been harder. So I don’t complain. I had some ups and downs. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to keep going because the cost-benefit-ratio – so to speak – seems out of balance. But at the same time I can’t imagine not making music. I may reconsider remaining in the business, though.  

What is the secret ingredient when you put your lyrics and music together? I have read in another interview that your guitar is basically singing the song to you. It doesn’t sound like it is hard work for you, true?
Yes, that’s true, it doesn’t feel like hard work at all. The hardest part is to figure out the lyrics, because my guitar doesn’t speak very clearly… 😉

Do your band mates have input in the songwriting?
No, not in the songwriting, that is a very private and intimate work to me. We do arrange most of the songs together, though.

How many songs do you usually have in your pocket that do not make it on the album like the last one “We Are Fish”?
None really.

Are there any collaborations in sight in the near or far future?
I started working with drummer Cathi Priemer. We want to do more rhythm-based, electronic stuff. We shall see how it is going, no pressure just fun.

What was growing up in a small town like Oberretzbach in Austria like?
Fun & freedom. I really enjoyed it, and I’m happy and grateful I got to grow up in the countryside. It made me develop a great sense of phantasy because I had to make up things since there wasn’t much but plants and trees. I kind of lost that skill since I’ve been living in rural Vienna.

Considering that we have many Texas artists on our site are you familiar with some Texas music?
Ups. Not really, no. I used to have a girlfriend from San Antonio, Texas, though. Does that count, too? She introduced me to many musicians but hardly any Texan ones, I’m afraid.

What does a perfect day, working or non working, look like for Clara Luzia?
A day that involves blue skies, cats, kisses, music and beer.

Three things you have on your bucket list?
NO bucket list or whatsoever. Just want to be happy, and grateful which I am already, so…

Three songs that will be part of your life forever?
“Birds” – Electrelane, “Nude As The News” – Cat Power, “Swan Dive” – Ani DiFranco
The worst venue or city you had to play in and why?
Rostock was pretty horrible. There were some nazis in the audience and we still don’t know how they got there, and after the show an elder man gave me unwanted advice how to improve my songwriting.

One nasty habit you can’t live without?
Squeezing somebody else’s pimples and spots.

If you had to, would you leave your cell phone at home for at least one day?
Sure, I gladly would, and I often do.


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