20. September 2017 By Walter Price 2

NEW SINGLE: Child Ivory – “Angie”

Child Ivory, self-titled EP can be found at Bandcamp.

child ivory

by Walter Price


I’m not a huge fan of the neighborhood hipsters trying in haste to wear fanny packs, and balloon pants in an effort to bring the 1980’s roaring back into the now. What I am a tremendous fan of are the sounds of my teenage years.Those dreamy sounds brilliantly created by the likes of The Human League, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Soft Cell, and Tears for Fears that soundtracked my adolescent mind.

In the last few years, there have been a handful of artists (I.e. Fire Tiger, Grimes)  recreating those ‘atmospheres’ and accompanying emotions from that beloved decade. And I say ‘handful’ because let’s face it, it’s cool to imitate but it takes something special to actually capture the ambiance of times past.

Provo Utah’s  indie-pop duo Child Ivory have a new self-titled EP that does just that. As you’ll witness with their personal new single, “Angie”. An infectious slow-burn track that relishes in listeners being comfortable in their own skin as it urges you to be open to compromise.

The production is finely honed in its layers, atmospheric 1980’s made freshly current, and the songwriting comfortably understated and thoughtful. This track takes me back.

Check it out for yourself below.



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