Cesar Saez
23. September 2019 By Walter Price 0

Then I’ll be gone, SINGLE: CESAR SAEZ – “If You” [Mexican Psych Baroque Pop]

Cesar Saez – If You is available @ Apple Music.

Cesar Saez

by Walter Price

Somewhere between “Witchy Woman” and a theme song for a James Bond film, you’ll find the sound of Mexican psych baroque pop artist Cesar Saez’s new single “If You”. Subtle Spanish-psych guitar licks and the artist’s elastic vocals drive this indie unrequited love modern-classic.

If you say I should leave then I’ll be gone
If you’re sure you don’t love me anymore
The pain I’ll feel might kill me you should know
Tha your happiness means that much
I assure

The pieces of this broken heart you wore
Will be shattered, scattered all across your floor

Are you saying that you haven’t heard of ‘Mexican psych baroque pop‘ before? After today, you have, and it’s a whole new world Saez is inviting us into. And you can check out the soundtrack ready “If You” + “Desilusión”, below.


“If You” produced by Luis Los and Luis Aguilar [Vaya Futuro] / Juan De Dios.

Cesar Saez

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