30. March 2018 By Walter Price 0

San Francisco Dream-Doom: Callow – “A Vein” (single)

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by Walter Price


In a social media is reality and atmospheres are highly politicized era, an increasingly large portion of the world’s population struggles with meaning. Their own existence. And in a post-Bowie world, taking on such matters in music is daunting and harder to find. San Francisco’s Callow (Red Moses and Sami Knowles) have released a slow-burn single, “A Vein”, that seems to take these existential sentiments to task.

Although the track was written some ten years ago, the thoughts of one’s internal conflict in finding some sort of understanding when there may be none is real and timeless. “A Vein” is from the forthcoming LP Mothdust.

“I’m never going to be alive enough to realize why I’m here. It’s an expression of frustration over our constant need to make meaning out of nothing.” – Red Moses




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Video produced by Jordan Perkins-Lewis.


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