Buddy Lamp My Tears
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Crate Digger: BUDDY LAMP My Tears

Buddy Lamp My Tears (Double L) 1963

Buddy Lamp My Tears

by Marc Griffiths

This Record passed me by. I had it a few years ago, the Stock issue on the yellow Double L label, but had only given it a cursory listen and had quite quickly moved it on in order to raise funds for some urgent want that had become available. But early on in 2021, in the grip of the Boredom of the second wave, it was brought to my attention once again via a post on the oft looked at too often Facebook (via the excellent Pow Wow Club group) and remembered I once owned it.

So the short and the talk of it is, I bought one again. It was a white label promo, I paid more for it than the first one I owned and more for it than the first one I sold, but I only lost out financially, I gained in every other way. The collectors in the Pow Wow Club have an acronym for this. HISIRIBIB. It stands for HAD IT, SOLD IT, REGRETTED IT. BOUGHT IT BACK. This is a great example of this phenomenon in record collections. We all do it.

Now Music is a strange beast, especially tunes that you might play in a club, you might hear them occasionally when you happen across them in a box of records and drag them out for a spin, or maybe you might hear them in another DJ’s set online or in a club somewhere. Because you might not know them in the same way you know all the tracks on a favourite album, you might not have that level of intimacy with the recording and this is where the magic sometimes happens.

Because of all these things, the Music can change, or more specifically your ears change and the way you hear the track can change, and the way you feel the music can change. Your brain actually changes the way you hear things. My Tears has everything I like, wonderful vocals, great songwriting, pounding bass, horn blasts, and thumping drums you can dance your ass off to. A proper club sound. It amazes me it’s not a bigger club tune than it is.

And there it is again. That’s the wonder of vibrations in molecules, and the way we all interpret them in our brains. Whether we choose to assign meaning to them, or they chime with our tastes in some way or set those little neurons off that make us feel good.

The great Nikola Tesla said ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration’ this is how I feel about music, Energy, Frequency, and Vibration, Buddy Lamp has this in spades, I just didn’t notice it the first time around. My Bad but I rectified it. Thanks, Nikola.


Artists photo, bio quote via Discogs

Written by,
Don Juan Mancha
Louise Thrasher

Buddy Lamp

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“Buddy Lamp was born in Starksville, Ms, (on) July 13, 1929. He moved to the Detroit area at an early age. His first recordings were gospel ones made in Detroit under his own name, with the Lampkin Singers, and as the “Son Of Thunder” with the Violinaires. His first secular sessions were held in New York, for Harold Logan and Lloyd Price but the majority of his recordings are from Detroit He worked for Mike Hanks who released Lamp’s tracks on D-Town and Wheelsville. Later he moved to the Houston-based Duke records.” – bio

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