Bourbon House Blue Magic
14. November 2022 By Walter Price 0

coming around here crying, BOURBON HOUSE Blue Magic

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Bourbon House Blue Magic

by Walter Price

The 80s and 90s sultry blues revival spearheaded by hallowed names like Lou Ann Barton, Raitt, and Etheridge inspired many smokey-voiced barroom singers to keep the sad songs flame burning. A sound that still can be heard in corner bars around the globe, but in recent years few artists have mastered the raw emotional depths of the forebearers of this time-honored genre. Until now, that is.

Wisconsin’s Bourbon House has dropped a steamy slowburn blues track called “Blue Magic” that’ll tingle loins and empty whiskey bottles in unison. Or as YouTube commenter Metal Maven exclaims, “Cryin’ the blues never sounded sexier!!!” And how. Lead by vocalist Lacey Crowe’s seductive soul-bleeding delivery and soundtracked by a maticulo├║se blues arrangement, this single is a masterclass in luring you into feeling the storyline. Buckle up.

To seduce you, even more, the Jocelyne Berumen-directed music video is a marvel unto itself. Not a single wasted frame. There’s a moment in the film when your attention hasn’t wavered and the camera loses its footing…And, for whatever reason, that visual jolt sends you into a fresh new reality. Not to mention the mesmerizing characters and all the nuanced scenes brought to life here. Bottom line, what a brilliant visual result throughout. Kudos to all involved.

You can stream the phenomenal blues revival “Blue Magic” and witness its film, here at the GTC.


Band photo by  Jocelyne Berumen Photography & Videos

Lacey Crowe – Vocals
Jason Clark – Guitars
Steve Lotharius – Bass
(Ryan Sargent – Drums)

VIDEO: Directed and edited by Jocelyne Berumen at Cyclops Girl Productions LLC
Filmed at CCDC (Chicago Center for Dynamic Circus) and The Blue Room (Artist Lofts) in Chicago, IL.
Performances by Lauren Leonesio and Nick Ng

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It’s a shame it’s been years and years gone by all the same
And I, I can’t be the only one that’s to blame for this
You can’t keep coming around here crying
No, that’s too many times I’ve been blind to your blue magic, baby

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