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23. January 2018 By Walter Price 0

Dr. Boogie, File Under Sleazy Rock and Roll new single “She’s So Tuff”

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by Walter Price


Dr. Boogie’s record label has directed the press to file the band under ‘sleazy rock and roll’, and I can dig it. But there is a quite a bit more going on with this Los Angeles four-piece. Their new single “She’s So Tuff” rides the lightning of the 70’s era glam and blues laced southern rock explosions. Not in exploitative or contrived interpretations. Rather, the band (Chris P, Dustin James, Pat Salway, Luis Herrera) are bringing authentic good-times, and sleazy, rock back to where it belongs…to the people. And in an era where you almost always have to be a basement dwelling songwriter to produce independent music to be ‘fashionable’, these cats are saying, “fuck that, let’s rock!” (not an actual quote).

Check out both sides of Dr. Boogie’s new single below, and as the late great rock god, Lemmy once urged, don’t forget to rock ‘n’ roll…



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