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7. July 2016 By Walter Price 0

Bobby Bridger Debuts “Absaroka” Video

Bobby Bridger music Bobby Bridger releases a new video for “Absaroka”.

by A. Michael Uhlmann


In September of last year, Texas-based poet-laureate, painter, actor and singer/songwriter, Bobby Bridger released his first album in more than a dozen years “VAGABOND HEART.”

Besides seven originals by Bridger, the title of the album came from lyrics to the tune “Stages” one of three cover songs, Bobby recorded:

“I’ve lived my life with a vagabond’s heart.”

The whole background story to “Stages” is almost a blog in itself and I will reveal that, when I will be reviewing “VAGABOND HEART,” produced by Bobby and Austin guitar great John Inmon, in it’s entirety at a later date.

As Bobby Bridger put it on his website, “Vagabond Heart lyrically explores the migration of the human heart and its love affair with the majesty of nature; its instinctive desire to prophesize unique directions; the ambiguity of the truth; the transient, cyclical nature of the heroic; the magnetic enchantment of the stars; the power of surrendering to change; the love of all sentient beings; a lover’s betrayal; of following beckoning internal voices; and of seeking answers and finding surprises.”

To make a video of the opening track “Absaroka,” a mountain range and part of the Rockies on the eastern part of Yellowstone Nationalpark, Bobby started looking around to find aerial footage to use with his song. He got lucky and found some beautiful stock videography that beautifully frames his lyrics to “Absaroka:”

Golden Eagle soaring upward
drawing circles in the sky…

Cut and edited by Bridger and featuring his son Gabriel Bridger Durham as harmony singer, like on the album “Absaroka” takes you on a journey, where nature still seems to be pristine and unadulterated, but watch by yourself.






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