God Bless Relative You Will Receive Favour
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God Bless Relative You Will Receive Favour

Foreword by Blake J. Tallent

Ever since Luke Seager and I started playing and recording as a band in the Panhandle of Florida, we acclimated ourselves to the kind of art that edified the way that we write and play music. We’d spend every night (and often all night) rehearsing, writing, or recording at the coffee shop I managed until our shifts in the morning. These rehearsals started to become a church of sorts. A place of internal healing and a cathartic Thunderdome to say the least. A place where other artists and best friends of ours would begin gathering for what would become more of a band called God Bless Relative. When these rehearsals would end and all the gear was packed up in our cars we would make our ways back home with one the greatest gifts anyone could receive. Records. Here are 5 of them that have informed the way I make music in an ephemeral yet nuclear way.

Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot


I know for myself this record probably gets a full-length spin every month. Yankee Hotel for us is a strong example of how to make sense out of chaos. As a rock band that loves chaos, this LP has informed the way we use samples, sound design, or even dialing intones on an amp. Not to mention that the documentary “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart” by Sam Jones basically fucked my entire world up in high school. In a good way of course.

J. Tillman – Long May You Run


Judging by the title of this record I’m sure it’s now apparent where I have drawn a lot of lyrical influence from. These are the recordings of Josh Tillman (Now popularly known as Father John Misty). A compilation of heartbreaking compositions, the only word that comes to my mind when I think of this record is “raw”. J. Tillman’s early career really spoke to how powerful an acoustic guitar and vocal can be. That’s all you need.

Carter Tanton – Freeclouds


This record has textures I dream of pulling tonally in a studio. Melodically driven with a “windows down on a dark road by yourself” vibe, these songs have accompanied me many a time on my long drives alone through the night while on tour.

Blake Mills – Break Mirrors


This record contains every color palette. That’s all I really need to say. If you don’t know then immediately leave this page and pull up your favored music listening platform.

Ryan Adams – Demolition


Honestly, nothing really beats “Heartbreaker” but demolition has been another raw collection of songs that absolutely break down my existence. It is the epitome of healing through pain. “Starting to Hurt” was the first Ryan Adams song I heard after my first major relationship ended in high school. After that first listen I started at the top of the record, sneakily grabbing my parent’s bottle of wine, and just listened from top to bottom.”

GOD BLESS RELATIVE You Will Receive Favour I Will Return

Band photo courtesy of GBR

Blake J. Tallent
Luke Seager
Lee Hicks
Dustin Price

Produced by Lee Hicks and Kiko Negron

god bless relative You Will Receive Favour

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The brainchild of many-a-sleepless night while navigating 2017’s insanely geopolitical state, You Will Receive Favour | I Will Return is set to emerge as God Bless Relative’s most rewarding record to date.” – bio

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