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17. August 2018 By Walter Price 0

Cinematic 2fer: BLACK HONEY Midnight / I Only Hurt the Ones I Love

Black Honey – ‘Black Honey’ is available for pre-order @ iTunes.

Black Honey

by Walter Price


These days the music video as an essential part of an artist’s promotional arsenal seems neither here nor there. At one point, the artistry and sometimes the overinflated budget of these films were all the rage for gossip. But the music industry has obviously changed. Now a no-budget approach to releasing music has opened vast avenues for anyone with a pen, phone, and a voice.

So when a band puts a significant amount of thought and art into their ‘product’, it’s kinda unbelievable and a whole lot of impressive. The UK’s rock-pop outfit Black Honey do not seem to rest easy on the fact that they are releasing some of the catchiest singles from any genre in the past ten years, no, they’re going full old-school visuals as well. Not in that sort of paint by numbers kinda ways pop music has become. Rather in beautifully cinematic indie film perfections.

To further my point, I’ve chosen two of their best for you to witness.

The band’s self-titled album is out September 18, 2018, via Foxfive Records.



Directed by Shaun James Grant

This disco inspired film is chock full of disco line dancing,  sidelining rivals, late-night anxieties wrapped in an unforgettable retro technicolor-esque brilliance.


I Only Hurt the Ones I Love

Directed by Sam Kinsella

For a band making such refreshing modern rock n roll, a film set in a fake Western ghost town somewhere in Spain seems a bit of an odd concept. But, fuck it, it’s actually a breath of fresh desert air. The imagery of such a desolate landscape, a contrasting bride in white, guns and loneliness are stunning.



Izzy B Phillips – Chris Ostler – Tommy Taylor – Tom Dewhurst

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