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So mother#^@%ing neutral, SINGLE/VIDEO: BITCH QUEENS – “City Of Class”

Bitch Queens – City Of Class is available @ Apple Music.

Bitch Queens

by Walter Price

The dichotomy btw the haves and have nots, political head’s shenanigans weighing us down causing widening divisions, the classes drawing bolder boundaries…all evergreen fodder for punk rock’s angst-filled sneers for decades now. But to make it sound relevant and to move asses at the same time these days is a job well done when it’s actually well done. And Swiss rockers Bitch Queens’ recent track “City Of Class” has kickass in spades.

“Between Jack Wolfskin and Crocs/ I’m right here in the middle, in the middle middle class/ So motherfucking neutral, I’m a swiss diplomat/ I grew up in the city in a high chair/ I grew up in the city as a squeaky clean square/ This city’s darkest corner is my shiny white ass/ welcome to the city of class”, no minced words here as the band expresses their clear disdain for the status quo in a killer sonic blend of Hellacopters and T.S.O.L., albeit, with a little more gutter-glam on their side.

That being said, check out the video, directed by Max Ljungberg, below. The band-produced album, by the same name, is available everywhere, now.


Melchior Quitt – Marcel Colomb – Harry Darling – Daniel Schönenberger

Produced by Bitch Queens.
Recorded by Harry Darling at Onedrop Studio, Basel, Switzerland.
Mixed by Harry Darling at LuxNoise Recordings, Basel, Switzerland.
Mastered by Dan Suter at Echochamber, Zürich, Switzerland.

Band photo by Flavia Schaub Photography / Album artwork by Vojtěch Woody Troják

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