billie joe armstrong
12. April 2018 By Walter Price 0

Billie Joe Armstrong debuts songs from mysterious The Longshot

Billie Joe Armstrong’s The Longshot are available on iTunes.

billie joe armstrong

by Walter Price


Social and mainstream media, blogs, and hyper Green Day fans have been going bananas over Billie Joe Armstrong’s mysterious side project The Longshot. Well, hold yourΒ underdrawers, the band has released three fresh tracks… “Chasing A Ghost”, “Taxi Driver”, and “Love Is For Losers”.

All three are a slight departure from what Green Day aficionados are accustomed to, and that is probably what this project is all about. The Longshot are capitalizing on the sounds of garage, slices of grown-up bubblegum, and straight up classic rock sounds. Put it this way, you got yourself this rock n’ roll blender, you add some The J. Geils Band, Pretenders, and a smidge of Warm Soda and a dash of The Clash. Voila.

Or you can have a listen to my first favorite song from The Longshot down below and decide for yourself like any air-breathingΒ human should do.



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