Travis Waltons Your Neck is Bleeding
6. December 2014 By Walter Price 0

The Best Of 2014 GTC Reader’s Poll (The List)

Travis Waltons Your Neck is Bleeding

Album of The Year 2014: Travis Waltons – ‘Your Neck Is Bleeding’

Here is the full list of nominees and winners of the 2014 Reader’s Poll

Well, if that wasn’t damn fantastic! Best of 2014 Global Texan Chronicles Reader’s Poll, that is…

Thousands visited the votes page and mostly every one made votes. Which is fine and dandy. Thank you for your participation and thanks to all the artists nominated and not that made the music world a better place in 2014. Further proof that there isn’t a need for overly produced committee organized music that is making mainstream radio and corresponding ‘artists’ unbearable.

Let’s make 2015 an even better year for music being made by artists the way they want to make and hopefully we’re hearing it the way they want us to…

Super High-Fives to all the winners! 

And please support all these artists and the nominees on their social media….


Markéta Irglová

Cole Washburn

J.P. Kallio

William Fitzsimmons

Emma Swift

Winner: Daniel Flay (The Travis Waltons)



Winner: Rival Sons (USA) 

Last Drop (Spain)

TYTUS (Italy)

Reverend Horton Heat (USA)


Hard Rock / Metal

The Electric Alley

Winner: Judas Priest

One Bad Son

Destroy She Said

October Rage


Indie / Garage / Alt

The Naysayers (Australia)

Winner: Rich Girls (USA) 

Jubilee Riot’s (Canada / USA)

Travis Waltons (UK)

Faz Waltz (Italy)

Eamonn Dowd (Sweden / Ireland)


Indie Pop

Winner: Quil (USA) 

Holiday Sidewinder (UK / Australia)

Strobegirl (UK)

Andrea Schroeder (Germany)

Feral Conservatives (USA)


Music Hero

Winner: Willie Nelson  

David Gilmour

Johnny Marr

Glen Campbell

Tony Iommi


Country / Folk / Singer Songwriter (Release)

Cole Washburn – ‘Traveler’s Moon’

Winner: Howlin’ Lord – ‘Breakfast of Champions’

Dolly Parton – ‘Blue Smoke’

J.P. Kallio – ‘Northern Boy’

Emma Swift – ‘Emma Swift’

Screamin’ Miss Jackson & The Slap Ya Mama Big Band – ‘Screamin’ Miss Jackson & The Slap Ya Mama Big Band’


Texas Artist

Reverend Horton Heat

Winner: The Toadies 

Cody Johnson

Gary Clark Jr.


Most Anticipated For 2015

Ten Benson

Hellsingland Underground

The Violent Years

Winner: Mammoth Mammoth 



Rich Girls – ‘Fiver’

Cole Washburn – ‘Traveler’s Moon’

Tytus – ‘White Lines’

Winner: Dangermaker – ‘Light The Dark’

Emma Swift – ‘Emma Swift’

Annie Girl & The Flight – ‘Pilot Electric’



Andrea Schroeder – ‘Were The Wild Oceans End’

Jubilee Riot’s – ‘Penny Black’

Winner: Travis Waltons – ‘Your Neck Is Bleeding’

Pixies – ‘Indie Cindy’

The Blank Tapes – ‘HWY 9’

Everyone Is Dirty – ‘DYING IS FUN’

The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project – ‘Axels & Sockets’ (Various Artists)


Thanks Again To All That Made Music In 2014!