Belle Quatrelle
13. April 2021 By Walter Price 0

HBD Renault 4L: Mårten Lärka – Belle Quatrelle

Mårten Lärka – Belle Quatrelle [Alouette LP] is available at Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music.

Belle Quatrelle

by Walter Price

There are many intriguing things about Swedish artist Mårten Lärka. The way he interprets an object’s contours is his photography, his seemingly bohemian lifestyle, his penchant for writing quirky pop songs, and his love of family and life. So, it should be of no surprise that this master of the unconventional would write a slight off-kilter love song. Not just any love song albeit, but a from the heart and full of historied respect for a classic automobile.

The French language song is “Belle Quatrelle” and the beloved car is the Renault 4L. And this year the cherished tiny chariot celebrates its 60th anniversary. The track was first released on Lärka’s brilliant 2016 LP, ‘Alouette’ and it seems it was laying in wait for this year of commemoration to bask in its sweet playfulness and honest love for an everyday person’s ride.

Mårten Lärka is undoubtedly a pop music treasure and his ode to a classic is perfectly eccentric and a sincere tribute to this 4-wheeled love. And you can stream this single as well as see the on-the-road film, produced by Båpa, now at the GTC.


Mårten Lärka – Belle Quatrelle

Artist photo via Facebook

Video production: Båpa
Stand-in driver & stunt driver: Fredrik Fernlund
Location: Jättendal
No catering

Music production: Mårten Lärka
Mixing. Micke Öhlén @ Studio Cuisine
Mastering: Claes Persson @ CPR
Distribution: The Orchard
Promotion: Hemifrån

Belle Quatrelle

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In time for the birthday party. Renault turns 60 this year. I just want to say Joyeaux anniversaire!” – M. Lärka

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