BAO Perpetual Heartbreak
14. September 2020 By Walter Price 1

…all the voices drown, SINGLE – BAO – Perpetual Heartbreak

BAO – Perpetual Heartbreak is available at Bandcamp.


by Walter Price

The new single, “No Filter”, from multifaceted Vietnamese-American producer/songwriter BAO, (from seminal Ming and Ping fame), is an ode to confidence or the lack thereof. An electro-pop masterstroke that’ll take you back to the days when Alphaville, Anything Box, and Book of Love ruled your cassette player.

Taken from his forthcoming LP,  Perpetual Heartbreak, expected on October 9, 2020, this song is reassurance that perfection is a daunting journey, and you shouldn’t place too much emphasis on it. Don’t place weight with the naysayers, social media dramas, peer pressures…and you just may find what’s important right before your very eyes and perhaps comfort in your own skin. As focusing on loving yourself first is healthier and worthwhile.

A positive message created by a brilliant producer who knows that too much studio trickery can ruin the feel and honesty of a track. BAO minimizes his know-how wizardry and lets the throwback vibes and beautifully written lyrics drive this track deep into your conscience.

And speaking about Perpetual Heartbreak LP as a whole, the acclaimed producer/musician is quoted, “It’s a snapshot of the subject matter I’m most passionate about: interpersonal relationships, culture and identity (mostly Asian American identity), and mental health. For my audience, I wanted to create a go-to album for when you want to bask in the glory of sadness.”

If you’re a fan of retro-flavored synth-pop and songs that have something palpable to say, then add this single to your You-Be-You playlist. You can stream this hook-laden charmer, now at the GTC.

BAO No Filter

+ A Little Bottle of Tears (Original Soundtrack)

Artwork, artist photo, and quotes courtesy of In Music We Trust PR

No Filter
Written, arranged, performed, and produced by BAO
Mastered by Thomas Dimuzio
Engineered and co-produced by Dave Pelletier
Dave Pelletier – Synthesizers
Artwork by BAO

A Little Bottle of Tears
​A soundtrack for a short film by Jess Iglehart


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I hope that this album can hold up to some of the incredible As-Am artists that have achieved success recently, including a few of my favorites: Mitski, Thao (& the Get Down Stay Down), Japanese Breakfast, and MILCK. These are people–coincidentally all women–who evidently poured their hearts and souls out into records that don’t fit neatly into any particular genre. I think as Asian Americans there’s pressure to either try to impress the big boys by mimicking a certain genre or to lay low and ‘pass’ as regular. It’s notable for me when an artist intentionally avoids all that and lets their individuality shine.” – BAO VO

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