bang a gong get it on
8. August 2017 By Walter Price 1

Three-Way: T. Rex – Get It On / Bang A Gong (Get It On)

Bang A Gong (Get It On) on iTunes.

bang a gong get it on

by Walter Price


In 1971 you could turn on that oh so sweet AM radio and hear those saccharine tracks by the Jackson 5, Partridge Family, Carole King, John Denver or Donny Osmond even. But you were a rocker, weren’t you. You favored the flavors of Bowie, The Sweet, Three Dog Night, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and Black Sabbath that floated your smoked out mind (allegedly).

But there was one band, with one song that rose above all others that year you rocked your first digital watch. That band was T. Rex, and that before mentioned song was “Get It On” from their album ‘Electric Warrior’. The song was written by the band’s Marc Bolan as an ode, of sorts, to Chuck Berry’s “Little Queenie”.. “Get It On” would later be renamed “Bang A Gong (Get It On) when it hit the shores of the United States of America. But you knew that. But did you know these spectacular cover versions?


The Power Station (1985)


Billy Idol (Live 2013)


Culture Club / Boy George (live 2016)





Top of the Pops ft. Elton John (1971)


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