12. September 2013 By Walter Price 0

Back To The Toadies

‘Play.Rock.Music.’ out now

In this day and age of great Rock N’ Roll you’ll have a hard time trying to find a band with a truly original sound. Have you discovered Ft. Worth, TX’s glorious rawkersThe Toadies

Yes, they have been around since the mid-90’s when their debut album, Rubberneck (’94), blew up all over the face of the planet. Todd Lewis’ hard to miss dark lyrics mixed with dirty power-chords and driving bass that made your car go faster! 

I spent many of road hours blasting “Possum Kingdom”, “Tyler”, “Happy Face”, “I Come From The Water” and the rest of the tracks until I made everyone around me insane! Who cared, this was the rock album that made my ears scream for more…

“I hate when people try to read into your lyrics. Besides, I’m usually ashamed of what I write, so the more garbled and unintelligible, the better.” -Todd Lewis

Today is now and the band are out promoting their latest release Play.Rock.Music. (’12). Never to do the same thing twice, The Toadies have added a whole new layer to their already unique sound. I have been loving the whole thing but if I had to choose, I’d say tracks “Rattler’s Revival”, “Beside You” and “Animals’ resonate with me the most.

If you haven’t been rocking The Toadies by now, it is the right time to do some catching up! Your Rock N’ Roll soul will thank you forever more.

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