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VIDEO: AUTOGRAMM – “Cool Kids Radio”, A 4:42-minute nightmare of horror, err, fun!

AUTOGRAMM – ‘What R U Waiting 4?’, is available @ Bandcamp.


by Walter Price


What if DEVO’s auteur Gerald Casale used his “Whip It” powers to direct one of those killer-campy 80s horror flicks we all love? You know, like Friday the 13th or Sleepaway Camp. At their times of conception, those flicks were downright scary, but these here days, the moments of silliness show through. The mighty power-pop trio AUTOGRAMM have a video for their single “Cool Kids Radio” that takes us all back to those absurd and beloved popcorn scares.

Directed by Justin Gradin and shot on location at British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast, the retro slasher style film is less of a bloodbath as it is a respectful tongue-n-cheek parody. A weekend lake gettogether that goes horribly wrong as a killer lurks amongst the festivities. Replete with cameos by modern technologies, a trippy child, and a credits gag reel. Involuntary smiles abound.

As for the track itself, the band’s C.C. Voltage explains, “It’s kind of tongue in cheek, being well aware that we are neither kids nor cool.”. Oops, he got part of that quote correct. As far as I can tell, any band that can honor retro in the vein of the Go-Gos, Cars, and Material Issue, so well seem pretty hip being square.

“Cool Kids Radio” comes from the band’s 2018 album “‘What R U Waiting 4?” via Nevado Music. The collection is expecting a European release in June 2019.



Jiffy Marx – C.C. Voltage – The Silo


Article cover photo by Ryan Walter Wagner


Directed: Justin Gradin / Story/concept “Unknown Caller” by Jeffry Lee / Cinematography: Peter Haggle / Makeup by Isabelle Fallu




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