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Bizarre Things We Heard from Adrian Belew & Stewart Copeland (Gizmodrome)

Adrian Belew and Stewart Copeland chat with Sam Roberts and Jim Norton.

Adrian Belew

by Walter Price


Adrian Belew and Stewart Copeland have a new supper-group, Gizmodrome,  with Leve 42 bassist Mark King, and keyboardist/arranger Vittorio Cosma. A band formed out of lusts for leisurely Italy and pasta. Seriously.

During a recent visit to The Jim Norton and Sam Roberts satellite radio show, Adrian Belew swept into the studio to regale the hosts with stories of working Frank Zappa, David Bowie, and Power Trio. The interesting and weird stories intensified when Police drummer and opera composer Stewart Copeland entered the room.

Copeland told tales of a mysteries childhood living in Beirut, unaware that his father, Miles Copeland Jr., was a CIA operative. Things turned to the macabre when Belew, after realizing the comfort and openness in the room, let a bit of unknown information about his own truck driving father. As a teenager roaming the streets of his hometown, Adrian caught a glimpse of his father driving down the road, smoking a cigarette. Belew’s belief system was shaken to the core (I’m theorizing).

Check out the interview below and find out more about these tales and the formation of the new all-star prog-rock group Gizmodrome. You can pre-order the band’s debut release here.


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INTERVIEW w/ Adrian Belew & Stewart Copeland