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23. February 2016 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why Lovers Electric’s Strangers

Lovers ElectricGive something to believe when I feel disconnected….

by Walter Price


Lovers Electric, that partner duo that has delighted these pages with their hands-on AKA DIY approach to guiding their music and elevating their career into growing indie-pop legend have what I consider one of the best pop albums in the past 10 years. Strangers is the album and you’ll find a range of tales and feelings that your favorite classics once had you hopelessly in love with.

I could go on as I have in the past, about how Eden Boucher is an under appreciated vocalist and how she can be all things seductive, playful and heartbreaking and beyond or I could vamp on about how David Turley is a one of the best producers/arrangers working today or even how Lovers Electric are at one of their best elements when their trademark harmonies pour from the speakers. But I think I’ve said these things before.

I think it the best thing to let their in-house produced/directed (mostly) music videos speak volumes for their stellar new instant pop classic Strangers. Here are 3 Reasons Why Lovers Electric’s ‘Strangers’.


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Across the River directed by Nathan March


New Day filmed by  Paula Disbrowe