The Marty Ray Project
13. May 2015 By Walter Price 1

3 Reasons Why Marty Ray

The Marty Ray Project“My Momma always said when I cried as a baby, it sounded like a song,”

by Walter Price


This is something that is blowing my mind. There is this guy from Tennessee named Marty Ray and he has a Project. A project that is at times hysterical, groovy, country, soul, reggae, hip-hop reimagined and a few other this and that’s to keep things interesting.

My sister turned me on to this compassionate DIY songwriter, filmmaker, family man and I’ve been transfixed. An everyday guy that grabs you by the heart and moves into your soul with a voice that brings memories of historic luminaries Alex Chilton, Daryl Hall, Gino Vannelli and newer contemporaries Chris Stapleton, Matisyahu and Brownish Black’s M.D. Sharbatz.

Captivating and fun are his takes on tracks by Vanilla Ice, Meghan Trainor and Jason Mraz but what has fully set my senses into overdrive are his cover of Kris Kristofferson’s “Why Me Lord” and his originals “It’s Like” and the phenomenal raw emotional tribute “Mistakes”.

These tracks prove a powerhouse in the making. As it seems his social media reach is sturdy and substantial and his seemingly everyone is my family willingness I bet this is a guy at the dawn of something amazing. As I dig into more of who is Marty Ray I thought is a good idea to go 3 Reasons Why Marty Ray.


Marty Ray: Facebook / Website / Twitter / YouTube