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27. March 2017 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why The Sounds of Frankie Cosmos

The sounds of Frankie Cosmos now at The GTC. frankie cosmos by Walter Price   “Frankie Cosmos is the flower you should grow. Frankie Cosmos is the infinite cosmos infinite space.”, reads a line from Frankie Cosmos’ Facebook page. A line that I found a bit brash at first, but that was days ago. You see, it’s a line that accurately starts the conversation. As suggested by a friend’s email I found my way to and subsequently got lost in the lo-fi sounds of Frankie Cosmos (Greta Kline & Co). I found myself going in reverse through this artist’s galaxy of releases, starting with 2016’s Next Thing and landing someplace in 2012 and meandering back and forth like a drifter. Getting albums, titles, lyrics, and the multitude of genre blending confused. I was becoming hypnotically happier and more understanding of the directional nondirectional approaches. At times feeling awkwardly high and moments nostalgia as I was being reminded of the early days of the Alternative movement. The era when artists didn’t particularly need to be pigeonholed to be accepted and be exceptional. A thing that has lasted and allowed a plethora of brilliant talents to thrive on all levels over the four decades since. I may have meandered again…But it is the ideas and tactile senses that flourished then that I find in abundance with Frankie Cosmos. I’ll forego the direct comparisons, let’s just get lost together in only 3 of the Reasons Why Frankie Cosmos.


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“Is It Possible / Sleep Song” (Next Thing 2016)

Video by Greta Kline  

“Korean Food” (Fit Me In 2015)

Directed By Greta Kline  

“Birthday Song” (Zentropy 2014)

Live at the Wilderness Bureau


(Greta Kline-David Maine-Lauren Martin-Luke Pyenson and previously: Aaron Maine-Gabrielle Smith-Joejoe Kline)



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