19 June 2020
19. June 2020 By Walter Price 0

[new this week] GTC WKND SPIN PLAYLIST [ 19 June 2020 ] + a film from Waterville

19 June 2020 and the GTC WKND SPIN is Fresh, for real!

The world is in chaos, and unfortunately and sadly, some world leaders are fueling the fires. We here at the GTC stand for equality among all races, cultures, sexual identities, religions, and we steadfastly stand against hate. Find peace, fight the power, and take a stand. And please VOTE!

Please take a few minutes and watch this film by Dave Chappelle

The only truth is music.” ― Jack Kerouac

The perpetually on the verge of widespread popularity indie playlist, that some very swell (allegedly) people, who are all in a tither, has returned weekly for a continually fresh 2020 and its chock full of phenomenal artists!

Check out this week’s updated playlist below and come back each Friday (or Saturday) for something brand new…kindly heart the list on Spotify!!

19 June 2020

19 June 2020

Lo Carmen

I Cut My Own Hair

19 June 2020



Beastie Boys


19 June 2020

Kitty Solaris



+ GTC FILM of the WEEK: Waterville – Shadows

Artist Photos
Lo Carmen by Karin Catt
Beastie Boys by Glen E. Friedman
Kitty Solaris by Olga Blackbird
Waterville via Facebook

Waterville Video
DIY produced
Hiacynta Szulc – vocals/ bass
Marcin Adamczuk – guitar
Bartosz Niedzwiecki – drums

19 June 2020

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