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…familiar elements at play, KIERAN O’BRIEN – Without End

Kieran O’Brien – Without End LP is available at Apple Music, Bandcamp.

by Walter Price

Galway, Ireland’s Kieran O’Brien isn’t a singer-songwriter who’s prone to wasting space or words in his songs. Rather, this lyricist lets his stories play out in earnest, often lived, realities. And his recent LP. ‘Without End’, is no exception. !2 tracks nearing somber but full of his own truths, mental souvenirs, and chock full of O’Brien’s signature spacious production, this album is poised to be a go-to long drive soundtrack.

In a quote sent to the GTC, the songwriter provides some insight, “Thematically the record explores and touches upon a number of different elements, time being one, I feel like we have all experienced time differently in some shape or form this past year, days that rolled into the next, feelings of standing still, the year the world pretty much stopped spinning! It’s hard to deny all of this didn’t feed into the record. With that in mind there is a certain permanence attached, everlasting and always present, hence why I chose the title Without End.

“Needless to say, there are many other familiar elements at play, remembrance of my mother, a common thread across many of my songs, as well as an appreciation for my father which you can hear on the track King’s Hill, which is the name of the area where he grew up in Galway, and where we frequently go for walks together.”

If you’re into straightforward beauty in songwriting and no-frills and all chills production, then this album is going to start you’re 2021 off on the right foot. And you can stream the full album and 2019’s ‘Guardian’, now at the GTC.

KIERAN O’BRIEN – Without End

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Written and recorded in No. 1 Bothair Irwin, Galway, over the course of 2019/2020.

All tracks produced by Kieran O’Brien

without end

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I saw the man that I needed to be
He’s not here unfortunately
There comes a time when you think you’ve healed
Most of the time I can’t tell what’s real

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