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12. February 2016 By Walter Price 0

VIDEO: JP Kallio I’m Not Ready

Jp kallioI’m stepping out of my comfort zone…

by Walter Price


As J.P. Kallio just told me, “I’m stepping out of my comfort zone”. And in many ways this is true, life changes and production changes This new track is the most modern I’ve hear the Dublin based songwriter. The beats, it is the beats add the songwriting is simple to the point. The makings of a crossover hit.

From Kallio’s website I find, “This song is all about this city and how it has been such an important part of who I have become in the past 20 years. In the middle of all these struggles the song just spilled out of me. And as the apartment hunting was getting on the way of pretty much all of my creative work, I decided to lock my self in my office and just have fun with the song. The results definitely are different from anything I have done before. So I am dying to hear what you guys think of it.”

Right on, this new ‘move’ in both aspects of your life seem for the better. Bravo.


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