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15. September 2015 By Walter Price 0

Thoughts from the studio & sounds of John Moreland

John Morelandby J.P. Kallio


Today has been a “keep your head down and do the work” kind of day in the studio. As some of you know I am heading off on holidays next week for few weeks. Due to the rugby world cup, I had few cancellations in the Sliotar schedule, it is a perfect opportunity to head out and charge the batteries.  And these holidays are coming right in time as my back was playing some tricks on me this weekend. I am pretty good at keeping my self in a good guitar playing shape, but sometimes if I don’t give it a proper rest it does start to complain. I get a small amount of tension in my arms, but over the years I’ve become very good at relaxing my arms while I play, so that is very minimal. But from time to time, my back throws a nasty knot between my shoulder-blade and the spine. And this weekend it popped up letting me know that I am a long overdue a break.

By the way, big thank you to everybody on Twitter who offered tips on how to relieve the pain, I tried almost all of them and they worked the treat and I got through my weekends shows.

But being a musician is like anything else, before holidays there is always a load of stuff that needs to be done, so that you can actually relax on your holidays-  And today has been a studio day. I got two new songs recorded, which is great, but at the sometime, something had to give, his was todays blog post. And that is why you are reading this

I thought to just give you guys a bit of an update from the frontline (I’m writing this in my studio/office, before heading out to the Porterhouse for another session). And as this blog post does not really have any theme as such, why not share some cool music with you guys-  John Moreland’s new album has got a lot of plays in my house in the past few months. Here is a song writer, who is not scared to open his guts for everyone to see. And I believe it comes across in his music. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.


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