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THE NEW WEAVERS Rock n’ Roll Fan Fiction

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by Walter Price

Taking respectful influence from a slew of hallowed classic rockers, Danish rocknrollers The New Weavers deliver a solid (recorded live in studio) 11-track LP, “Rock n Roll Fan Fiction”. Woven throughout you’ll find straightforward nods to the Stones, Humble Pie, The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Faces, and then, honestly, the list could go on for a bit.

One of the reasons for you to check out this country-rock-driven set, most bands who delve into the ‘classic rock sound’ always seem to trade out some element or another to modernize it. Not these fellas. Rather Morten Thuese, Peter Kræg, and company go headlong into the genre with unabashed authenticity. Going so far as to actually title-check some of your favorite artists and tracks. Leaving nothing second-guessed.

In a quote provided to the GTC, the band admits, “it’s hopelessly out of date to make a boogie record”. But is it?

Take a listen to ‘Rock n Roll Fan Fiction’ and get lost in all its grooves, tasty guitar licks, and those addictive harmonies and backing vocals. It all adds up. And it’s a true blast from the past love letter to this band’s heroes.

THE NEW WEAVERS Rock n Roll Fan Fiction

Band photo, quotes, and artwork courtesy of Potato Head PR

Written, produced, and performed by The New Weavers [Peter Kræg and Morten Thuese]
Feat. Per Mølgaard, Søren Christensen, Mathias Berthelsen +

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The album is just captured at the time the mics were on. It will never sound quite the same live…” – Morten Thuese

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