Rod Stewart
24. September 2021 By Walter Price 0

LEGENDS!…for old time sake, ROD STEWART One More Time [Tears Of Hercules, LP]

Rod Stewart – One More Time is available at Spotify, Rhino Records, Apple Music.

Rod Stewart

by Walter Price

Look, I don’t want to blow up anyone’s age, it’s their business, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that at 76 yrs old, the LEGEND that is Rod Stewart has just released a new single that is good as anything he’s done during his long and winding career. “One More Time”, is full of sappy, sexy, and reminiscent lyrics backed by some beautiful Celtic Folk and heartwarming harmonies. Which, if you’ve followed his journey, makes complete sense.

With his trademark raspy voice still in top order, the singer looks back and pleads a bit about hoping in the ole sack, well, one more time. In a heavily used quote attributed to the Zoe Ball BBC 2 show, Stewart explains, “The story behind the song is: You know when you break up with somebody and the sex was amazing and you just want to do it one more time? That’s what the song is about. It’s happened to all of us I’m sure.” Indeed it has Mr. Stewart.

But why am I, a diehard champion of indie artists, writing about an aging pop star? Firstly, did I mention that Stewart is a LEGEND? And secondly, the very first cassette I was ever given was his ‘Greatest Hits Vol. 1’. Wow, there I was, so young, so impressionable and songs like “Hot Legs”, “The First Cut Is the Deepest”. the salacious, at my age back then, “Do You Think I’m Sexy” and the song that helped me fall in love with how important palpable storylines are to songwriting, the Martin Quittenton co-penned, “Maggie May”. Oh, the days when I heard my rock n roll through a single speaker cassette player. It’s the small things you hold onto the most, I suppose.

Stewart would carry his hitmaking into the 1980s, letting a whole new generation discover this spiky-haired gem. Albeit, a softer, gentler kinda rocker (barring a few dust-ups here and there), as it were. At the time, you couldn’t find a mother who wasn’t belting out “Forever Young” as she carpooled the kiddies to school. And I assume, even with or because of this new single’s obvious sexuality, that many a mom will do the same again…

The Celtic-folk-pop “One More Time” is taken from the forthcoming LP; “Tears Of Hercules”, expected 12 November 221 via Rhino/Warner.


Artist photo via YouTube

Written/produced by Stewart and Kevin Savigar
Performed by Stewart

Rod Stewart

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It’s not the color of your hair, or the beauty in your eyes that I’ll be missing
Or the sunshine in your smile, or those ruby red lips I’ve been kissing

Now your family don’t like me, this I understand
I don’t wanna settle down, I am just a rambling man
I’d rather be out rocking with my good old country band, yes I would

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