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5. August 2015 By Walter Price 0

On The Road Again with J.P. Kallio

by J.P. Kallio


Jp KallioI am trying to include as much tips and tricks along the way as I can, and here’s one about packing. I know some of you have been doing this for years, but if I have been doing it wrong, surely some other people can benefit from this as well.

This idea comes from the army guys, and it is as simple as rolling up your clothes, rather than just folding them. I could not believe how much room I had left…I actually swapped for a smaller bag.

So here are couple handy links to learn how to roll your T-Shirts and underwear into burrito rolls:

How to Army fold a T-Shirt

How to fold underwear

How to fold your socks


Arrived in Italy

After quite easy and quick flight with Ryanair from Dublin to Milan, which I spent first half sleeping and the second half writing blog posts 😉 we were picked up and had a drive in the dark, which was actually longer than the flight 😀 But that’s just the way it sometimes go. So once we arrived just past midnight, I thought o do a quick Vlog to show you what the festival grounds look like before the madness. You can also hear the crickets going crazy in the hot Italian night. The Bundan Celtic festival is truly a magical event.

Let me know what you think of the Vlogs, with your feedback I can only make them better


Heat wave in Italy

It was a hot day, and this video kind of captures some of it. We were prepared for a hot weather, but none of us knew what the Italian summer had in store for us. When the heat gets to these levels, you need to take it seriously. Most locals stayed in doors or in shade. And a friend of ours even ended up in hospital. Luckily he made full recovery.

Hope you are enjoying these Vlogs, I am little bit limited with the access to internet, but when I have connection, I’ll do my best to et these out. So stay tuned.


Walking around Bundan

Here’s me walking around at the Bundan Celtic Festival. Also messing around with my band mates from Sliotar. It is a great festival, and you should definitely go to it if you get a chance. I’m writing this post from Plzen where we just played a show. But as is the nature of these Vlogs, they will be following me few days behind. After all I am here to play music first 😉

Also if you were at any of the shows and happened to film a bit, I’d love to see them and possibly add them into these Vlogs.  So if you have any video of our shows, please get in contact with me at



Here’s my tour update from Plzen. I filmed this before the show, so let me just say, the show itself was fantastic. Plzen is a great town, with a lot of beer history and probably the toughest place for a beer lover who has quit drinking 😀But I passed the test 😉  Loving the tour so far, and I hope you enjoy these updates as well.


Tesco’s car park

As you might know, I am home by now, but I still have few updates left from the tour.  This one was filmed on Sunday after Sliotar‘s show at the Keltska Nocfestival and captures my thoughts on the shows we had done at that stage. We were on our way to Telc for our last show. I also talked about some fun memories we had from that car park 😉

I still have more touring video, which I will compile into one more Vlog. If you have any video of Sliotar’s live shows from the tour, please send them to me, so I can add them into the last Vlog. Hope you enjoy this one…


Sliotar summer tour video

So here is the last video from the Sliotar tour. This is kind of collage of the stuff that most people usually don’t see, the long hours on the road, but also few bits of video from the shows. Apart from the live concert shots, the rest of it was filmed and edited by me. I am a completely an amateur when it comes to filming and editing, so be gentle with me 😉 But I’d still love to hear your feedback as well. Oh yeah, and share it with the world.


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