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8. October 2015 By Walter Price 0

J.P. Kallio’s Musician Quick Tips 30

Musician quick tips…You, an independent musician. Figure out what your brand is. Figure out your core values, how you want people to see you.

by J.P. Kallio


Por the coffee, here are this week’s musician quick tips, part 30!! In my nearly two decades as a full time musician I have learned a thing or two about this business. I also have become very fast at assessing what works and what does not when it comes to promoting, recording and performing your music.

These quick tips are simple actions that you can put to use straight away

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Stay positive

So lets talk about one productivity tip that will have an effect on everything you do. And this is a simple one. Stay positive. You might be tired in the morning, but hey its a new morning and you are alive and breathing. Sulking about stuff you have no control over will do you no good. So put a smile on your face, even if you might not feel like it.

I believe staying positive even when things go wrong, can have a positive effect on how we continue from there. Also by staying positive, people are much more likely to want to work with you. And there are some medical benefits here as well, here’s some of them:

  • Increased life span
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Lower levels of distress
  • Greater resistance to the common cold
  • Better psychological and physical well-being
  • Reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
  • Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress

You can read more about the health benefits HERE.

So wipe off that frown and put a smile on your face  🙂

Core values

I was talking to a fellow musician and a long time friend of mine last week. He has been working on a new project for the past few months. The type of music is very specific and only listened to in certain parts of Europe. It is commercial and definitely not to everybody’s taste. But it got me thinking how as artists our core values in music can be very different.

And who would I be to say or think that my values would be anyway better than his? At the end of the day, what he is doing, is learning the language of certain type of music and trying to make his own best version of it (which by the way, he is doing extremely well.)

As musicians we do need to figure out what our core values are. And once we know, it is important to stick to them. But as I pointed out before, the core values can be very different to all of us.

Make your words count

What I learned early on in my days as a musician, this industry has a lot of hot talk. People say they are going to do this, that or something else, but never get around to it. First it did drive me a bit mad, but further down the road I accepted it as just the way some people are. Getting angry or disappointed about it every time it happened would have made for a very unpleasant life. Now I have a filtering system where I know who to listen to and who is just talking for the sake of talking-

But you can use this to your advantage, as I have. Don’t promise to do anything if you don’t plan to see it through. Make your words count. People will learn soon enough that what you say actually has some value. And when you as people to help you or work with you they know things will happen. Don’t be the person talking about things you are planning to do, be the person who does them.

Indie brand

Brand used to be something associated with only major business. But these days personal independent brand has become a valuable asset. That also includes you, an independent musician. Figure out what your brand is. Figure out your core values, how you want people to see you.

This does not mean you need to be something else than you are. It means taking a good look at who you really are, and aligning everything you do with it. What kind of imagery represents you? Design your album covers, website and social media sites this in mind. It should be part of every social media post you make. It should be you and your brand coming through loud and clear.

What is your brand? What does it look like? Have you given this any thought? If not, get on it right now.

Value of learning

I often talked about alternative ways of valuing your work in the music business. Cash is golden, no doubt about that, and without it you cannot make living out of music. But there are times you have spare time, or particular job might not pay as well as you hoped. In these situations you need to ask your self, can you learn something valuable in this job?

Never underestimate the opportunity to learn. Money comes and it goes, but new set of skills, or improving an existing skill is something that stays with you. It adds value to you as an artist, as a musician. For example I put a lot of value to my online promotion skills, they took me a long time to acquire and I am still learning every day. I put a lot of value in my live performance, but to get as confident at it as I am, it took thousands of shows. I put value in  my studio skills as an engineer and as a musician, but I’ve been spending time in studios and recording since I was a teenager. All of these skills I would not have acquired unless I had been doing a lot of work for nothing, or next to nothing over the years.


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