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19. July 2015 By Walter Price 0

J.P. Kallio’s Musician Quick Tips 24

how to make moneyAnd if you don’t work towards building a strong loyal following, I got news for you. It won’t build itself!

by J.P. Kallio


Here are this week’s musician quick tips, part 24!! In my nearly two decades as a full time musician I have learned a thing or two about this business. I also have become very fast at assessing what works and what does not when it comes to promoting, recording and performing your music.

These quick tips are simple actions that you can put to use straight away

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Take a different route

Lately I have been in a mood to find some self motivation hacks and tips. Being your own boss, you need to rally your self up, there is no one else there to do it for you.  So here’s some food for thought.

Today I decided to take few hours of my usual routine and decided to go for a walk. I have one of my favourite routes around the city, down the river and up along the canal. It is a nice city walk, a lot of trees and water along the way and some wild life, ducks and swans\.

But just for some random reason, I think it was the direction of the wind, I decided to walk my usual rout from finish to start. It’s a rout I have walked hundreds of times, but just the small change of direction made the walk so much more vigoerating. I actually had to stop several times to make notes for my blog posts as the ideas were flowing in :-)

So think about if there is something in your life you do everyday, that you could do differently, could you take a different rout to work? Could you sit in a different place? Have lunch in a new place? Take a different route.

Concentrate on one thing at a time

Multitasking is definitely a skill that takes work to perfect. But as much as it is a handy tool to have in your arsenal, it can actually work agains you as well. Promoting your music can feel like trying to put off several fires at the same time. So let’s look at it from a little bit different angle.

Concentrate getting one thing done at a time. Concentrate your efforts and you will be amazed how much you get done. You can even allocate time to tasks and when the allocated time for particular task is done, then move on to something else. But during that allocated time, don’t get distracted, don’t check your messages, emails, Facebook or Twitter feed, stay focused. You’ll be surprised how fast you get stuff done when you eliminate the distractions.

Slow consistent growth

We live very much in a world of “Now!” We want everything now. We want to be successful over night. We want a video that goes viral. We want to be playing the largest venue in town tomorrow.

But anything you acquire overnight can be lost overnight as well. The secret into a long-lasting success is not to start it with a bang, but slow consistent growth. If you build your fan base one follower at the time, and devote your time in making those fans our dedicated followers, then you make fans for life. Consider your early fans as your friends. Make it all about them, not you.

And if you don’t work towards building a strong loyal following, I got news for you. It won’t build it self! Yes, that is the truth. How can people find your “bigger than life music, that will make it just because it is so great” if you don’t first tell them about it? And don’t just run out on the street to tell strangers about it. At very least find out if they are into your kind of music, before you ram your tracks down their throat.

Change it up

I know the common idea is to stick with what works. But from time to time, it can be a good idea to shake things around a bit as well. If something we have been doing works just fine, you need to ask your self, what would happen if I would try something different?

This week I decided to give Bandcamp a go. In the past my weekly song was posted on Soundcloud and then on my blog. This time I decided to upload the song to Bandcamp and use their embed player on my blog instead. I still uploaded the song to Soundcloud as well, for those who really prefer to use Soundcloud. But I just wanted to see if the change would make a difference.

But even more so, what is the worst thing that could happen? If people did not like it, I can always go back to the old way at any stage. But there is power in changing things up, and I am silently confident.  What can you change today in your music promotion?

Don’t sell yourself

Networking is definitely the name of the game in the music business. It is extremely important who you know. It’s those connections that help you build credibility and give you a push up the ladder. But most artists try too hard to promote themselves in the wrong moments. There is nothing worse than seeing an unknown artist trying to sell them selves to some one in the business who just does not care.

The trick is patience. When you meet someone you think might be a good connection, and they might be able to help you advance in the business, don’t try to sell your self. Try to get to know them. Try to make friends with them. Hang out with them, if they don’t mind, and listen to what they say. If you have a constant monologue inside of your head shouting book me, sign me, make me a star, I can assure you no one want’s to work with you. But if you are just a cool person people want to hang around with, your chances are eventually they will want to work with you.

Now even better is if you can somehow help them with a problem they might have. Then you are on to completely new territory.  If you help someone without expecting anything in return, they will remember it for a long time.


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